Filigree butterfly in frame

1.200 ден

The embroidery inspired by filigree butterflies in refined gentle blue silver shades.
The butterfly has several stages of development. In the first it is a caterpillar, then in the second stage it wraps itself in a cocoon. The last – the butterfly, is a symbol of the new birth, resurrection, new life, to which every Christian should strive.
Filigree is one of the most delicate types of jewelry metalwork, which generally uses precious metals, like gold and silver, in art pieces created with small and detailed beads and twisted threads fused together or onto an object. Its fragility often makes us remember the texture of lace.
Traditionally, this technique is connected to luxury design and fine craftsmanship


.Dimensions: 21 x 29 cm
Color: gold
Material: satin, Lumi-Rex metallic thread