Filigree Shishevo Cross

2.000 ден

Made of hypoallergenic 925 sterling silver thread that is nickel-free, safe for those with sensitive skin to wear everyday.
This form is quite rare in Macedonia.In the Antique period, can be found only on a part of an architectural beam from an altar stone partition of an early Christian basilica (6th century frame), built in the apsis of the temple dedicated to St. Athanasius in Shishevo (near Matka). Interestingly, although it is placed diagonally, one of its arms is elongated and forms the shape of this cross.
The filigree work emphasizes the appearance of drops on its arms and gives it an even deeper meaning

Filigree is one of the most delicate types of jewelry metalwork, which generally uses precious metals, like gold and silver, in art pieces created with small and detailed beads and twisted threads fused together or onto an object. Its fragility often makes us remember the texture of lace.
Traditionally, this technique is connected to luxury design and fine craftsmanship.


Dimensions: 2.6 х 3.3 cm
Material: silver


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