Kullu – Incense Burner

300 ден


The cross on this incense burner is a motif from woolen shawls with tapestry -woven borders from Kullu in India’s Himalayan foothills.
Although the original design is from Kullu, the same patterns, with crosses and even the same colors, are widely used on macedonian traditional robes and tapestry weaves.
Tapestry weave is practiced in many parts of the world.. Among the oldest are many examples that survive from the early Christian era in Egypt and are popularly known as Coptic weaving. Traditional robe in Kullu, also maintained the cross as a significant part of its design.
The church in India was founded by St.Thomas The Apostle. He appointed priests and bishops, and suffered martyrdom there.

Material: ceramic, contour pastes
Incense burner color: black
Contour paste color: blue, red, white

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