MKD – tote bag

1.500 ден

Authentic shoulder bag, with unique Macedonian embroidery, practical for everyday use. It is made of cotton black twill material, solid, double-sided and tear-resistant. The embroidery is in red, turquoise and gold 100% viscose thread.
The Macedonian folk embroidery was passed down from generation to generation continuously, in accordance with the essence and faith of the Macedonian people in the continuation of the tradition. The evolution of this art, whose roots go back to the Proto-Slavic era, certainly incorporated traces and layers from various past epochs and cultures. Macedonian embroidery is usually polychrome, with several tonal gradations of the same colors and strict geometric ornamentation.

Dimensions: 37 x 40 cm
Color: black
Material: cotton twill, Gunold Sulky 100% viscose thread

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