Patchouli – myrrh

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Myrrh is a genuine monastic blessing. The Myrrh-bearers, together with the Virgin Mary, took care to anoint His body with myrrh, thus offering honors to their Master. A few days before the Crucifixion, Maria approached him, holding an alabaster jar of precious myrrh, with which she anointed His head. Myrrh is also called “oil of thanksgiving”.

It is a beneficial oil that treats and calms the human body and mind. St.James in his epistle tells us-“Are any among you suffering? let them pray. Are any cheerful? Let them sing praises! Are any among you, sick? Let them call for the presbyters of the Church; to pray over them, and anoint them with oil in the Name of the Lord.The prayer of faith will heal those who are sick and the Lord will raise them up”.

Its symbolism in the Orthodox tradition is especially important as the Myrrh symbolizes the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Аlso, the Myrrh symbolizes the aroma of faith, the tenderness of the heart and devotion to the Lord.


Weight: 250 grams
Ingredients: holy oil with the natural fragrance of patchouli and myrrh.

Available in a practical roll on package to keep with you. Our myrrh is not drinkable and is used only externally!

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