Stobi – priest vestments


The mosaics from the archaeological site Stobi are the basis for the designs of this model of vestments. The embroidery on the epitrachilion is designed according to Psalm 42, which is a part of the mosaic from the so-called “House of psalms”.

Psalm 42.1(“Longing for God”)-“As the deer gets thirsty for streams of water, so my soul is thirsty for You, my God!” compare one’s thirst for God – The very Spring of Life, with that of the doe (female deer). Namely, when she eats a snake, if she does not drink water in a short period of time, she dies.

The mosaic is in colors that are consistently transferred to the vestment of this model embroidered on a cream base material. The blue-green pattern is embroidered inversely.

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