Stobi – tote bag

1.800 ден

A unique bag with elements from the Psalms of David. The embroidery is designed according to Psalm 42, which is part of a mosaic at the archeological site Stobi, from the so-called “House of psalms”.
Psalm 42.1(“Longing for God”)-“As the deer gets thirsty for streams of water, so my soul is thirsty for You, my God!” compare one’s thirst for God – The very Spring of Life, with that of the doe (female deer). Namely, when she eats a snake, if she does not drink water in a short period of time, she dies.
The embroidery is in gold, black, orange, green, white and copper tones. Quality 100% viscose thread is used. It is made of cotton black twill material, solid, double-sided and tear-resistant.

Dimensions: 28 x 38 cm
Color: sand color
Material: cotton twill, Gunold Sulky 100% viscose thread

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