Mug – Chrysostom

600 ден


Ceramic mug with handicrafts of the motif from the fresco painting of the church of St. John Chrysostom, made with contour pastes. Тhe manufacturing process includes baking for fastening and greater colour durability.

The temple belongs to the monastery dedicated to St. John Chrysostom, mentioned since the 11th century, in several imperial charters, as a convent of the important Skopje’s monastery of St. George the Assistant-Gorg. Today in ruins, in Matka canyon. One temple wall is a huge rock, which still bears fragments of frescoes.
They captivate with their calmness and purity of expression, which can rarely be found, and are the testimony for the Life in the monastery. In one of the circles of this part of the fresco, the symbol – Eternity was drawn.
The motifs of the cross and a three-leaf tree are from a built-in stone altar pillar (6th century), in the Theotokos Monastery Matka.

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