Key Pendant – Temple of the Dormition- Matka

170 ден


Key pendant with laser engraving on brass the reflection of the current appearance of the monastery temple dedicated to the “Dormition of the Most Holy Mother of God”, recognizable by its architecture.
The temple was built in 1337 following the example of the temples of Mount Athos, in the form of an embossed cross with a dome. In the walls themselves, as a testimony to the existence of an older temple, and a kind of representation of the continuity of the Liturgical life, stone parts of the altar iconostasis, pillars, pilasters with and without stone plastic (dating from the 4th century), are all embedded.
The temple itself has a central place in the monastery-Matka, and is its main feature.


Dimensions: 3 x 4cm
Material: brass (copper and zinc alloy)


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