Lesnovski – priest vestments


Identical with the Lesnovo model – the basic design of the embroidery is composed of details of the epitrachelion of St. John the Theologian, a fresco in the altar east wall of the temple dedicated to St. Archangel Michael in the Lesnovo Monastery. For the Lesnovski model, the design is complemented by several lines, and is prepared in the reverse perspective, emphasizing the very golden base of the material.

The arrangement of the Icons and the embroidery is made by the example of an old sakkos to the 14th century Moscow Patriarch Photius. Rounding the phelonion, the embroidery ends with the text of the Lord’s Prayer (optional – in Macedonian). Accordingly, on the Epitrachilion, the left and right Sleeves and the Epigonation, are the prayers uttered by the priest during their dressing.

The icons are in a part chosen by the client. Besides the participants in the events represented on the back cross of the icon of the Crucifixtion of Christ, in oval icons are presented: Archangel Gabriel and the Most Holy Theotokos from the Annunciation, Saint Joseph and the Most Holy Theotokos with Christ. The selection of icons according to the two pairs of vestments is – St. Joachim and Anna from the entrance of the Theotokos to the Temple , St. Zacharias and Elizabeth, St. Cyril and Methodius, St. Clement and Nahum, St. Gabriel the Great and St. Gabriel Lesnovski – on one and – St. Constantine , St. John the Baptist, St. Elijah, the Most Holy Theotokos and the Lord Jesus Christ – on the other pair of vestments.

On the Epigonation is the embroidered icon of the Lord Jesus Christ on the throne.

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