Protaton cross in frame

800 ден

The design is from a cross on a conical cupola, surmounting the ciborium of the silver Artoklasia, from 1746. Occupying the centre of the artoklasia disk, on a separate plate of silver, is a representation of the Virgin and Child in low relief; carved into the rim of this disk is the inscription:”This artoklasia is the property of Our Lady of Karyes of the Protaton…”.
The celebration of the artoklasia (breaking of the bread) or the ‘blessing of the loaves’, in commemoration of Christ’s blessing of the five loaves, takes place during the latter part of the service of vespers on major feast days or on the feast day of the saint commemorated, which, in monastic tradition, is celebrated with a pernoctation.
The cross is decorated with flowers and foliage, embroidered in various gold treads. It was originally designed and embroidered, on a small omophorion, for the model- Protaton.

Dimensions: 10 x 15 cm
Color: gold
Material: satin, Lumi-Rex metallic thread

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