Slepche – Incense Burner

300 ден


Incense burner with handicrafts of the carving ornament, made with contour pastes and acrylic paint.

The handicraft is based on details of hand-carved element of the iconostasis (work of the former woodcarving workshop Emo-Ohrid) and a single-leaf door (work of Mile Nestor) prepared and placed for the temple of the Dormition of the Most Holy Mother of God – Matka, in 2000. The carving is a project of Vasil Iliev, who draws all the motives from the low carving of the Slepce school – an authentic stylistic expression in carving in the XIV century, created by the monks of the monastery of St. John the Baptist in Slepce.

Material: ceramic, contour pastes
Incense burner color: silver
Contour paste color: blue

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