Xenophontos cross in frame

1.000 ден

The motiiv for the cross is from Anastasimatarion – Anthologia from the Xenophontos Monastery.
It is the original Anastasimatarion of Chrysaphis the Younger, ‘…with new melodic embellishments and new mellifluous musical signs, as now sung by the chanters in Constantinople’. It is supplemented by an Anthologia, which includes all of Chrysaphis’ compositions up to the time of writing in 1671.
It contains seven beautiful polychrome miniatures. One of them is used for composition of this Xenophontos cross.It uses gold metallic threads , and viscose/rayon threads in red and blue colors.


Dimensions: 15 x 20 cm
Color: gold, red, blue
Material: satin, Lumi-Rex metallic thread, Gunold Sulky 100% viscose thread

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